Why Use Pellet Ice?

Bar and restaurant patrons enjoy chewable ice, partly because it feels soft and crunchy. The growing popularity of pellet ice provides a reason for proprietors to use a commercial pellet ice machine, but the versatile cooler has many other applications. Creative hosts can prepare healthy smoothies, cool beverages and blended cocktails for guests at home with a convenient residential pellet ice maker. Hotels, convenience stores, physical therapists and shippers of fish and farm produce rely on the machines for many reasons.

Cools Drinks Faster

The ratio of ice to liquid in a drink affects the rate of cooling. Pellet ice provides more surface area than traditional ice cubes and reduces the time required to cool a drink.

Reduces Caloric Intake

Customers can avoid excess calories by choosing a soda or sugary drink that uses pellet ice to reduce the volume of liquid. Bar and restaurant owners can offer drinks that contain fewer calories as an appeal to weight conscious consumers.

Freezes Faster

An ice pellet machine can meet consumer demand faster than a traditional ice machine. Having confidence in the production ability of ice equipment assures owners that customers can enjoy cool and refreshing beverages without delay.

Chills Perishables

Irregular shapes of fish and farm produce that ship across town or across the country require packing in ice. The small pellets can conform to a container of any size or shape and fill in any empty spaces.

Treats Inflammation and Swelling

The small size of pellet ice allows it to mold to the shape of an injured ankle, elbow, knee or shoulder and help reduce pain and swelling. Dance studios, gyms, fitness centers and physical therapy facilities that have a commercial pellet ice machine on the premises can offer relief for sports injuries.

Choosing an Ice Pellet Machine

Production capacity in a 24-hour period is a key consideration in evaluating an ice machine. The capacity of a bin to store the ice requires evaluation as well. Types of machines include countertop, under counter and modular or head only.


Usually appropriate for low demand operations such as health care facilities, compact countertop units can produce as much as 400 pounds of ice daily. The bin, while small, can accommodate the amount of ice that the machine produces.

Under Counter

A counter height of 40 inches is adequate for an under counter pellet ice machine. Capable of producing about 350 pounds of ice daily or more in some models, they can provide an adequate supply of ice for small cafes or bars. The self-contained units can produce as well as store ice for medium demand day care centers, churches, small cafes and midsized restaurants.


Head only (modular) machines have no storage capacity, and they usually sit atop an ice bin to produce from 250 to 1000 pounds of ice daily. Widths usually include 22, 30 and 48 inches. The high yield of a modular machine is appropriate for large clubs, hospitals and hotels.

Learning about Storage Bins

Storage bins may hold as little as 100 pounds or as much as 2500 in widths from 20 to 60 inches. Usually made of stainless steel with liners of polyethylene, they require access to a floor drain. Bins have insulation but do not provide refrigeration.