Pellet Ice Machines

Scotsman Ice Systems has actually invented the original chewable ice (in 1981) and this changed the entire ice history forever. Named as pellet ice for its small, soft, and unique shape (which is also known as nugget ice), this ice can serve as an impeccably brilliant compliment for smoothies, blended cocktails, fountain beverages, and salad bars etc.

With the advent of technology and its ever-increasing demand, these particular ice makers produce chewable (that are easy on your teeth), fast chilling (chills your beverages fast so that you can soon enjoy it), and flavor-saving (retain the original flavor of your beverage) pellet-shaped size. Based on the size, capacity, and purpose, these ice makers are generally classified into two major categories : pellet ice machine for commercial use and pellet ice maker for residential use.

Commercial Pellet Ice Machine

This is a commercial pellet ice machine that features an advanced self-diagnostic technology and innovative design. These ice machines can produce small, soft, and consistently-sized ice from a chunk of compact flake ice. While considering to its specific commercial usage, these ice machines offer increased reliability and more efficiency compared to any residential pellet ice maker. Needless to mention, in order to satisfy the industry-specific requirements, these ice machines come with a superior production capacity and premium storage capacity. The commercial pellet ice machines are mainly continuous-type ice makers which can produce pellet ice through a consecutive and continuous freeze & harvest process.

Usage: The commercial pellet ice machines are primarily used in restaurants, hotels, bars, hospitals and a wide variety of commercial & industrial facilities for both food (beverages) & patient care applications. These ice makers can be used as an incredibly perfect compliment for preparing particular beverages, for example, blended cocktails, blended drinks, salad bars etc. Apart from that, they are also used for satisfying healthcare and other therapeutic needs.

Residential Pellet Ice Maker

These ice makers are generally used for residential purpose. Whether it’s your regular kitchen usage or you’re just planning a small get-together or party, you can now serve delicious, chewable and soft pellet ice to your special guests if you own a residential pellet ice maker. While comparing to a commercial pellet ice machine, the residential pellet ice makers come with a standard production capacity and storage capacity that are ideal only for residential usage. These standalone machines can continuously produce pure, crystal clean, and odor-free pellet ice (within a maximum capacity limit).

Usage: These chewable, crunchable, and flavor-saving pellet ice can be used to prepare any home-based beverage recipe including fresh juices, smoothies, and other soft drinks etc.