Ice Machines for Concrete Industry

Concrete cooling is a procedure that diminishes the temperature of poured concrete to a specific level with an aim of ensuring the nature and quality of the concrete is maintained. Concrete cooling is mostly used in parts of the world experiencing warm or high temperatures and where a lot of concrete is used. When concrete cures, a good base temperature, in the limits of 10 – 21 º Celsius, must be maintained in the concrete for the least required curing time. If it cures at temperatures over this level, the solid formed is of low quality, splitting or cracking starts to occur, and there is an increased water demand. The significance of concrete cooling cannot be overlooked considering the delicate role concrete plays in almost every building. As a result, concrete cooling has become the most common role of ice in the construction industry.

Types of ice used in the concrete industry and reasons

Many individuals naturally comprehend that with regard to cooling; ice is an extremely successful tool. Nonetheless, those outside the concrete cooling fields may not know the best type of ice to use. Among the common types of ice used is crushed ice that is preferred by many builders because it melts quickly.
It is important for of ice being used for cooling to be melted maximally and completely during the concrete mixing process. Cold water can also be used in the event that there is no capacity to use other types of ice. Using water is also economical since it requires little capital input.

Flake ice is also commonly used with concrete. Flake ice is exceptionally economical compared to other types of ice. For instance, its energy utilization enables a builder to cut energy costs. The ice is also extremely malleable and simple to work with. Since it is sub-cooled, it stays “dry” and does not stick together in bunches that clog equipment. In addition to being resistant to clogging and being simple to work with, flake ice is also simple to use with mechanized ice rake frameworks.

Types of ice machines suitable for concrete industry

An ice machine may allude to either a consumer’s gadget for making ice found inside a home cooler or a mechanical machine for making ice on an extensive scale like in the concrete industry. The types of ice machines suitable for the construction industry include;

Flake machines: The flake ice machine is a vertically put drum-shape stainless steel container that utilizes a low-temperature condensing unit. In this machine, flake ice is used as the immediate source of water in a concrete cooling process. It ensures that the concrete will not crack as long as it has been blended and poured in steady and low temperatures as required.

Compressor machine: Most compressors are either positive relocation compressors or spiral compressors. Positive dislodging compressors are currently the most proficient compressors and have the biggest refrigerating impact per single unit (400–2500 RT). They also have a substantial scope of possible power supplies and can be 380 V, 1000 V, or even higher.